Learn to love yourself!

Hey Guys!

So recently some of my friends are beginning to hate themselves , and are wanting to die.
Very straight forward , I know.
Its not illegal to hate yourself don’t get me wrong!
But you shouldn’t.
You CAN have thing you hate about yourself , like your eyebrows or your fingernails.
Hate only things you can change.
You can go to a shop and get your eyebrows threaded!
Paint your fimgernails!
Don’t hate your personality because you will have to deal with it till the day you die.
Don’t hate your Height because you will have to deal with that too.
You have to learn to love yourself.
Through thick and thin.
Your personality , height , weight , Hair colour , Laugh and much more is what makes YOU , YOU!
So don’t hate anything about you , because I’m sure you’re perfect in every way, But nobody has told you yet.
Believe that you are perfect and you will be.
Because everyone is perfect whether they think they are or not.
Show them that they are!
And they will think so too…
What do you love about yourself?
Thanks!Bye xxxx


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