Hi Guys!

So I’ve decided to start a blog!
Got a few reasons why , got some boring ones like
– Because I get bored sometimes
– Something to do on a rainy day
But this is the main reason ,
You know when you let off a balloon outside and the wind blows it off up high and you think its gonna pop because of pressure in the air?
Well that’s me , I’m the balloon!
Things are pushing me higher and higher , I’m getting more and more pressure its time for me to burst , But , I just don’t!
So I made this blog to share my feelings online and to pop like a balloon when no body can see me , Like a balloon does , so when something happens I can write about it and then when its published its gone away out my head and stored onto my computer!
Good idea right?
Not really , Don’t know how long it will take for someone to actually read this you know?
And to give their opinion!
So that’s it really…
I will post whenever I need to , I wont be inactive because even when I haven’t got any problems I’ll just have a genuine chat with you guys!
So what do you think?
Will my blog go a long way or nah?
Thanks!Byeeee xxxx

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